All about women’s health issues and treatment where not much
of awareness has been spread like Tailbone Pain in women , pelvic girdle dysfunction, Distasis Recti Dysfunction, Symphsis pubis Dysfunction, incontinence.

Tailbone Treatment Exclusive For Women

Our specialist have over 10 years of experience in coccyx pain treatment and exclusively working as the 'Only Women Specialist for Tailbone Pain' since 2010.

Exclusively Working For Women's Health

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Consult our tailbone treatment specialist from anywhere in the world at your convenience !

Specialised Therapy, Support & Care for Women Patients

Non-Surgical Coccyx Pain Treatment

India's Only Women Specialist for Coccydynia

India's First Clinic Specialised for Coccyx Pain Treatment

Awareness on Tailbone Pain in Women

We strive to bring awareness on Coccydynia in women through our website and social media sites.

Specialised Support for Women

Our specialist is India's only lady Tailbone Treatment doctor and highly experienced in women's health.

Clinic Services

We provide world class health services to women and a comprehensive range of treatments such as Pelvic Girdle treatment, Distasis Recti Dysfunction treatment etc.

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Dr S Mubashira

    Dr. Syeda Mubashira


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